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Web programming

We have created following packages for private lessons so you can learn programming.

PHP the basics

Basics in PHP:

  • How does the PHP work?
  • How to write PHP?
  • How to use it with HTML?
  • What is an variable?
  • What variable types do exist?
  • How to use different types?
  • What is a function?
  • How to create and use function?
  • What is a class?
  • How to create and use classes?

To be able to create dynamic website it is important to know how to use databases.

  • How to create tables in phpMyadmin?
  • How to create database connection?
  • How to read data from a table?
  • How do we insert, edit and delete data from a table?
  • What data types can we choose in a table?

Price 100 SEK/hour or packade price 900 SEK. Up to 15 occations. One hour per occation.

PHP – advanced

To be able to further develop dynamic website, it is for instance important to know how to manage log-ins and data through using sessions and unique ids that decide what data should be handled in the database.

For creating and developing advanced system it is importat to:
– understand all previous steps
– understand how classes are used
– understand how to manage users and their authorities

Price 150 SEK/hour. Up to 10 occations. One hour per occation.

If you are interested you can register yourself at and/or contact us via .

Please note: We do not give certificates or diploma since this is private lessons only, but we can give a paper that proves that you can do programming. All prices include VAT. Prices on this page can be changed.