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For you who want to have an own website

Being online is simple, but it should also be done in a right way. Do you want to create or update a website? Do you want to use WordPress, Joomla or another program or do you want to have a tailor made website? We know what is good for you!

Problems with website

Sometimes you have to take care of problems that come by some reason. Is your website hacked? Does it contain malware / infected code / virus?
Do you want help with getting the website online again? Together we can make a try!

Move from one to another server

Are you planning to move your website from one to another web host, then it should be possible. Moving from one to another server should be simple. Sometimes it is better to do it than to try it. We do it smoothly and simply!

With 16 years of experience in customer support and some years in web development on the private basis the founder of the company Begacom IT Business can offer you a good customer service

Just send your email and your issue will be analyzed. After that you will get an answer and hopefully we can work together with solving the problem or realize your ideas.