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Begacom IT Business and internship programme

In November 17 2019 the internship ended and our pilot project did succeed as we expected.

More about the internship you can read here:

In June 2019 we are starting an internship programme as a pilot project. The reason for this is that we got a request for internship.
We decided to give this person an opportunity because her education area is within the confines of our specialty, web development.

However we are looking forward to see how it develops so we can decide if that can be something we offer in future.

Since we work with web development, which includes different kind of work in that area, we are able to create opportunity for learning and give new experience.

As an intern in our company it is possible to get knowledge and experience in following:

  1. PHP programming
  2. WordPress – modification and adaptation of themes
  3. Websites – debugging
  4. WordPress – creating simple plugin

Analysis and creative thinking are also part of the whole process.

The goal is to share knowledge and experience at the same time as we create new relations.