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I Online – you and your website

You as everyone else can be online. Regardless if you are a private person or a company, you have right to present yourself or your services on a website. You choose how it will look like and how it will be a part of you or your business. More about this you can read at:

Private lessons in web programming

Do you want to learn web programming? We offer the opportunity to learn PHP through private lessons. We are flexible with times which means that we easily can decide some time outside of the usual times during the day.

So, if you want to have an opportunity to learn in evenings or weekends then this is a good opportunity for you. The most important thing is that you learn programming. More about this you can read at .

Plugins for WordPress

Do you use WordPress? We develope suitable plugins / add-ons that you as WordPress user can get use from. We have worked with it in some years now and we are proud of what we can offer.

You can see our plugins on: .


We have developed language module for websites and CV Online that can be very usable online. Today it is so that you install it on your own server and can use it there. Contact us if you want some more information .

Language module

CV Online

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