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Terms of Business 2019-10-18

1. When you create/register an account at you do become a customer with customer number, but you become a paying customer first when buying a product, a project or a service.

1a. Begacom IT Business has right to delete a registered account without contacting the person who registered it if the registered information is written with the goal to lead to a fraud or another not serious action.

1b. Begacom IT Business has right to block the use of the product/project/service if the situation is like in 1a even though the product/project/service is payed without having to pay back.

1c. If the person who registered a account is not 18 or older and if he/she can not be contacted because of the wrong information registered Begacom IT Business has right to delete a registered account without contacting the person who registered it even though the product/project/service is payed without having to pay back.

1d. Begacom IT Business can manually add a new customer / client in the database after having contact with the client and after starting the work. The account is not active for login though if the client does not want it.

1e. Begacom IT Business can work for free for potential customers, partners or if something else is decided with the client.

2. You can delete the registered account when you want without being forced to remain a customer.

3. If you buy a product/project/service you become a customer and you must pay even though you delete the account like described in paragraph 2 or not. It is the same rule if Begacom IT Business deletes the account.

3a. You do not have to pay if there is some test period when you buy a product/project/service.

4. The products that you can buy here are updated to the latest version / technology and as long as the update is in progress and is possible the products can be used.

4a. If it appears not possible to update or adjust the product to the new technology because of the limitations or big time requirements Begacom IT Business does not have to update the product and the company can stop offering support for it.

5. Begacom IT Business is responsible for the functionality as long as it is not as described in 4a and as long as the company choose to update the product.

5a. Begacom IT Business is not responsible for the functionality if something is wrong on the server were the product is because that is outside of the control, but if possible Begacom IT Business should report the problem.

5b. Begacom IT Business must inform the customer about the changes in advance.

6. The customer is responsible for not modifying products/services. If something stops working after the customer’s changes, Begacom IT Business is not expected to be responsible for that.

7. If you try to abuse or spread a product/service without having agreement with Begacom IT Business about that, it can lead to a report or a legal process.

8. Payment can be done by credit card using the PayPal online payment service or by other methods in Sweden like Swish or bank transactions if it is in the agreement. Cash payment can also be done. (Changed)

8a. The invoice is sent via e-mail in a pdf format and it can also be used as a receipt. (New)

9. The Terms of Business can be changed/modified in the future and they can be adapted to the other surrounding rules/situations. They can be modified even if there is some wrong formulation in this text.

10. The 14 days money back guarantee is applied which means that you can withdraw an order latest 14 days after ordering, if nothing else is decided. (Changed)


GDPR – How do we process your data?

The Swedish law about processing of personal data (PUL) has been replaced with GDPR (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) from May 25th 2018.
That new EU law means that stronger requirements have been put on companies and organisations when it comes to protecting individuals.

What does that mean for you?

As customer at Begacom IT Business you always have right to know what data we collect about you and what data we store about you.
An example of data is name and other personal data.
You have always right to ask about and get information about what data about you we store and you can always revoke your consent.
At Begacom IT Business you can give your consent before you become a customer.

What rights do you have?

As a customer you have always right to ask about and get information about what data about you we store.
You can always change the information and you can get it deleted. You have always right to know if any and what authority have got a part of your information.
You have always right to stop sharing your information for further use.

How is your data stored?

Your data is stored in our database at as far as you are our customer.
When you are not a customer anymore we remove your data and store it in our local files that are not possible to reach from the Internet.

How is your data protected?

Your data that is stored in our database at is protected by login requirements.
It is required to login as customer or as administrator to be able to see customer’s data.

As company we must inform you as customer:

How we collect your data
Who collects your data
What is the data used for

We have responsibility to:

Document what data is stored
Register what data is stored
Where does the data come from
How is the data stored
How is the information protected